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About the Educational Cremation Center (ECC)

Educational Cremation Center (ECC)

A Transformational Facility

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Our commitment to provide exceptional education is reflected in the new Educational Cremation Center (ECC), a cutting-edge enterprise that will take the college, our students, and our profession boldly into the future. The ECC will be a transformational facility that is not offered at any other death care educational institution. It will include the world's most advanced cremator, auto-loader, and dustless processing station. We are also expanding our curriculum to include pet loss care and alkaline hydrolysis. The ECC serves to educate students, licensed practitioners, and crematory operators through observation and participation in actual cremation and alkaline hydrolysis operations. The ECC will deliver hands-on instruction while reinforcing dignity and respect for the deceased.

The focus is to deliver improved education that will include ceremony, body preparation without embalming, and the use of a slumber bed with emphasis on:

  • identification
  • establishing chain of custody
  • agent authorizations
  • instruction in preparation and viewing of remains without embalming
  • the value of ceremony
  • client family participation to incorporate use of a viewing room with slumber bed

We believe this is the best way to prepare students and professionals for the changing needs of client families we serve.

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For naming rights for the ECC building or for internal rooms and labs, please contact CCMS President and CEO Jack Lechner, Jr. at (513) 761-2020,

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COVID slowed progress on the ECC pushing back the opening until September 2023.

Construction has begun!  We appreciate your patience during construction.